Membership Rates
Dec. 4th, 2021 to Mar. 27th, 2022

Membership: $525.00
Membership plus (instruction & simulator time included): $780.00

Sign up and pay by Dec. 1st, 2021 and save 10 % on any full membership package

Mat Times:
50 minute buy 10/50 minute sessions $140 (reg $150)

Instruction Specials

4 - 50 minute Video analysis sessions $225.00 (Reg. $275)
4 - 25 minute sessions $165.00 ( Reg. $180)


4/25 minute sessions $129.95 (reg.$140)

All pricing plus HST.
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Please note due to the Ontario government mandate a vaccine certificate will be required to enter the indoor facility unless an exemption is provided.



Welcome to Huron Oaks Indoor Golf Centre

Huron Oaks Indoor Golf Centre continues to provide Lambton County with the finest winter golf experience...
Available at Huron Oaks Golf Resort, Ontario is an indoor driving range providing 9 hitting stations that allow the golfer to see 50 feet of ball flight. Each station is equipped with top of the line driving mats, tees, and golf balls.
Also available are two About Golf Simulators. Annually ranked as one of the premier golf simulators in the world, it will draw you into a total golf experience through unmatched accuracy and living 3D graphics. Frequent Golf Channel viewers will recognize our product from many of their telecasts. Whether you are playing golf with friends on your choice 60 golf courses from around the world, or acquiring ball flight statistics on the virtual driving range, we are confident that you will enjoy yourself; evident by our 95% customer loyalty rate. Food and alcoholic beverages are available as well.



Simulator Booking procedures Covid 19

  1. All bookings made by telephone or online booking system.
  2. (Online bookings must leave e-mail address so staff can forward covid 19 policies when playing.
  3. Entering Huron Oaks clubhouse all players must wear a mask.
  4. Before entering gymnasium area all players must sanitize their hands.
  5. When entering simulator room all players must give their full name and phone number in case any contact tracing has to be done.
  6. Staff will set up course and conditions that the game will be played under.
  7. All players will be given one ball that they must play with throughout the game.
  8. Minimal touching of any of academy items as possible. (Changing TV channel etc.)
  9. All players playing must be in their social bubble of 10 people.
  10. When game or booking has been completed players must sanitize their hands before leaving simulator room.
  11. Before entering the gymnasium all players must put their masks on.

Food & Beverage sales

  1. All orders and delivery of food or drinks will be done by staff.
  2. All drinks and food must be eaten or drunk when seated and socially distanced. (No personal food or drinks brought into facility)
  3. Menu items TBA.


  1. Washrooms in hallway outside gymnasium are available for use.
  2. Before re-entering gymnasium all players must sanitize their hands. (Other clubhouse washrooms are not available)

Indoor Golf Centre Driving Range booking procedures Covid 19

  1. All booking made by telephone or website, Staff will confirm booking via e-mail or phone call.
  2. Masks must be worn when entering Huron Oaks clubhouse facilities & when entering the gymnasium.
  3. Staff will advise which hitting area has been assigned.
  4. Each hitting area will have a bottle of sanitizer to be used to clean hands before starting to hit balls.
  5. After session please sanitize your hands before you leave.
  6. When leaving gymnasium area & clubhouse please wear your mask.





Huron Oaks Golf Academy is owned and operated by Cameron Rankin and Partners.